Property Investment Cumulative Knowledge

We generate natural search BMV (Below Market Value) property leads through multiple online platforms.

However, our current offer excludes an actual ‘purchase model’.

By attracting investment we will have the means to create a new, highly profitable business, taking advantage of our current expertise and infrastructure.

Keyword search terms

We attract motivated sellers via a range of keyword phrases.

These represent people who want to (or need to) sell their property quickly and are prepared to accept a BMV offer in exchange for a quick sale. These are the cherries.


we buy any house

sell house fast / sell my house fast / sell your house fast

buy my house

national homebuyers

sell your house

quick house sale

property buyers


BMV residential investment property throughout the UK, but particularly focused in Yorkshire, North East and the M62 corridor where property prices are low and investment returns good with prospect for growth in capital values and strong rental demand.

Business model

Properties pcm
Below market value
Average days turnaround
Annual investor yield

Team expertise

Property acquisition & management

Online marketing & lead generation

Finance, banking, strategy & planning

Our team has a background in financial planning with over 20 years experience in the Financial Services industry. Over the last 13 years we have established an estate agency and property management company. Our range of skills stretch across all property related matters and we are considered by Google to be an ‘Authority’ within the BMV market.

The team has also specialised in property marketing, operating across a diverse range of media and now operates in-house SEO/web specialisms for ‘lead generation’ within the property sector taking to top of Google – across all main keyword search terms.

Other specialities include finance – with the objective of matching/maximising the return on investment to the risk profile of the investor and the risk borne by the investment instrument.

We are skilled at structuring/restructuring corporate balance sheets to optimise risk whilst delivering maximum post tax returns; the detailed design of financing instruments to facilitate project delivery; the design of warrants to incentivise corporate turnaround and project delivery; buy-out conditions and financing; and the structuring of LBOs and MBOs.


Our lead generation platforms produce online natural search BMV leads. These leads are sold on to a 3rd party company that sells the properties (via Rightmove etc) within a typical 6-8 week timeframe. However, many of these motivated sellers are keen to sell ‘fast for cash’ within 48 hours.


By accessing a private equity fund, we can PICK the best BMV property leads and purchase them to flip within a typical 90 day period.


BMV residential investment property throughout the UK but particularly focused in Yorkshire, North East and the M62 corridor where property prices are low and investment returns good with prospect for growth in capital values and strong rental demand.

Cities like Liverpool and Hull as well as Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds could also benefit hugely from the proposed investment in HSSR.

We believe that property prices/values have bottomed out and over the next few years, values will increase to due lack of supply, increased demand via migration etc

We have three unique routes to a steady supply of BMV properties:


Online website lead generation, ‘Quick House Sale’ via existing established platforms such as leading ‘We Buy Any House Company, Flying Homes, and newer platforms like PropertyBuyers.London a ‘quick house sale’ lead generation website. The former produces 600 to 1,000 leads pcm, the latter is a new site and will produce a similar number of leads within a few years.

Property price BMV, viability likely to be to 83% BMV to allow for fees, profit, commission splits – this is achievable but when the market hardens and property is more difficult to sell, then expect 70% BMV through the online lead generation platforms.


Extensive connections with property developers, estate agents etc in the Yorkshire/Humberside area, and further afield.


LPAR & Distressed bank portfolios/NCSG & BB route – 70% BMV  achievable less commission, fees, financial interest etc.

Direct approach to distressed investors and LPAs to “bridge” the purchase of viable portfolios to facilitate refinancing/bank exit. If not refinanced, these portfolios can then be broken up, developed out, etc.

Portfolios identified by 2 and 3 can be purchased, broken up and sold, with “crown jewel” properties retained, and managed, on a case-by-case basis.

Naturally properties can also be purchased via Auction Houses etc where the price is attractive.

  • Sell off most profitable deals within 90 days and to increase cash flow?
  • Retain a % of the stock to sell in 5 years – especially Northern property, where prices are still low and due to rise
  • Large blocks to be refurbished, titles split and sold off.
  • Large portfolios, break up and sell best deals, retain some for rental, to be sold later